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"THẬT HƯ" means Naughty

The feather duster has been a familiar item to Vietnamese families for hundreds of years. However, this cleaning tool is often used as a cane to spank bad-behaving children with the reason "Spare the rod and spoil the child".

Bắc Bộ nói chung và Hà Nội nói riêng vốn nổi tiếng với các món cháo chửi, bún mắng. Hình ảnh các bà, các mẹ 1 tay chống nạnh, 1 tay cầm chiếc chổi lông gà quát tháo chồng con đã trở thành hình tượng trào phúng đi vào phim ảnh và văn nghệ. 

With Thật Hư (Naughty duster), we reimagine the original design as a slender and beautiful object worthy of display and contemplation, thus removing its negative connotation. The stiff bamboo stick is replaced with an elastic handle. 

​Family discipline, reimagined. 

A mirror plate with a simplified human sculpture is the resting pad for the object. This becomes a mini landscape setup, suggesting users reflect each time they pick up and put back the duster. This elegant object is a reminder of the dignified way of being - not through violence but with empathy. This embodies the flexible and harmonious Taoist philosophy that is ingrained in the Vietnamese way of living.

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 12.29.32 PM.png
​A collaboration between Old and New.

In the spirit of regenerating traditional techniques with modern design, we collaborate with local artisans with lacquering and bronze carving finish. We invite you to experience a series of prototypes, from the early models to the finished products. 

Naughty or Nice?

Flexible in its meaning and function, Thật Hư is both revealing and subtle, witty with many layers of meanings. By adding new values to a fading traditional everyday object, we hope to initiate a sustainable cycle in designing our future tradition and enriching the appreciation for art and design in our community.

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