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"Be Still - Be Now"

For long, a spiritual corner is an essential

part of every Vietnamese house, whether in humble-sized apartment or in huge mansions. This particular space is often reserved for worshipping to communicate with ancestor and the gods. However, with modern day’s ever changing and hectic lifestyle, spiritual habituation also embodies being still to preserve balance and return to our inner selves.

SŌNSŌN (previously known as Phường Son Collective) seeks to build "Stillness Corner", a corner that has never officially existed in the Vietnamese way of living, a space specializes for the stillness and meeting of the minds, infused in the trinity of

People – Nature – Spirit.


Stillness Corner chooses to regenerate the everyday traditional Vietnamese furniture - tea table, light screens (room dividers) & rattan mat. Our light screens take inspiration from the traditional four season panel paintings while our tea table is inspired by the Vietnamese structure of 'three-pillar" tabletop from the old days. The all-ubiquitous rattan mat is an irreplaceable item in Vietnamese living spaces for generations, yet often only limited to its rectangular format and have slowly faded from modern households.


Besides regenerating concept, Stillness Corner also seeks to regenerate traditional materials as well as craft techniques under threats. 


Modular Design 


All design in SŌNSŌN's Stillness Corner are modular, easy to re-assemble and adaptable to each owner's living space. 

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Stillness Corner?

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